ASB Sri Lanka

Who we are?

Asian School of Biznomics(ASB) is the premier education arm of Econsult Asia (EIA) Pvt Ltd.

EIA has earned a renowned name in Sri-Lanka, as a reputed economic “think tank” with a sound research track record since 1990s and was previously chaired by Prof. Howard Nicholas, Prof. W. D. Lakshman, Dr. P. B. Jayasunderaand presently Dr. Kenneth De Zilwa, Chairman of Lanka Clear (Pvt) Ltd and the Chairman of the Financial Sector Stability Consultative Committee of Central Bank, Sri Lanka. Dr. De Zilwa is also on the Board of the Institute of Policy Studies and Lanka Rating Agency.

ASB established in 2020 as leading academic institution, mainly focusing on areas of study not paid attention by the existing public and private universities in Sri Lanka. It is based on innovation and professionalism and to bridge the gap between the academic and the professional world, thus Asian School of Biznomics is more than an academic institution.

ASB has already earned a recognition due to short courses it had been conducting since 2020 with the private sector business houses and eminent foreign scholars. ASB is committed to providing high quality academic and professional programs and services and activities to prospective students and professionals to explore education and training opportunities globally and acts as a referral center to universities/Colleges represented to promote and enhance their education profile in Sri Lanka.

Our Purpose

To provide affordable global education with a learning opportunity like no other that leads you to become a global professional. Our exclusive focus and business is to inculcate passion for lifelong learning, upscale skills of research, foster critical and innovative thinking and develop the mindset to lead.  ASB commits to all grandaunts the most learner-centered education with highest professional standards that places you at the highest esteem.


Why Choose ASB?

The Asian School of Biznomics (ASB) was established with the primary goal of catering to the demands of Sri Lanka’s youth who desires critical analysis and in-depth understanding of the functioning of global markets, economics, business cycles and finance. In addition, Sri Lanka is in dire need of positioning its agriculture and its products with global cuisine enabling the tastes of Sri Lanka to be teleported across the world. Therefore, ASB seeks to offer their students a holistic selection of qualifications ranging from certificate level to postgraduate level and everything in between; by way of our leading university partners all over the world.

We specifically aim to provide high quality service which ensures RESPECT & CONFIDENTIALITY while providing students with life changing opportunities through intellectual transformation, use of hands-on experience, tacit knowledge, skills and attitudes they developed to best serve the world, upholding the values they cherished to bring in real life situations and interact with the best in the culinary, business and academia.