Are you hardworking and looking for an affordable education opportunity?

ASB is offering 50% scholarship to two suitable hardworking candidates who are looking for an opportunity to study in the field of Commercial Cookery or Hospitality Management.


Scholarship Application Deadline | 14th January 2021


To be eligible for selection for a Scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Be a Sri Lankan Citizen
  • Possess outstanding GCE O/L or A/L results (Local/London)
  • Have a strong leadership qualities and potential
  • Have a good extracurricular activity record
  • Be eligible for admission in one of programmes at ASB

Scholarship Conditions

  • A scholarship recipient must continue to meet the following requirements at each academic year as outlined below.
  • An applicant awarded a scholarship must accept the scholarship by the date indicated on the letter of offer, or the scholarship offer will be withdrawn and directed to another applicant.
  • The scholarship recipient must be enrolled at ASB to be eligible to receive the scholarship benefit.
  • The recipient must remain in good 'Academic Standing' to retain the scholarship benefit.
  • A scholarship recipient who is not enrolled and is not on an approved deferment loses their scholarship.

Accompanying Documents:

  • Scholarship Application Form
  • Copy of the G.C.E Ordinary or Advanced Level Certificate and Transcript (Local/London or equivalent) in proof of the successful completion of the admission requirement.
  • Copy of the page containing the photograph and personal details in ID/Passport
  • Copy of the Certificate of Birth
  • Evidence of extracurricular activities performed during the last 5 years
  • Evidences of elite high-performance status of the sports the student has participated if applicable
  • A Personal Statement stating why you deserve the scholarship
  • Recommendation by the school principal